What Can Employee Financial Stress Mean To You?

What Can Employee Financial Stress Mean To You?

July 28, 2016

What does financial stress mean to your employees and your business? Financial Wellness has become a buzz word in the industry with an explosion of providers and products but what does it really mean?

A recent Fidelity Investments summary (available below) reports that 37% of employees spend 3 or more hours per week at work thinking about or dealing with personal financial issues, 29% have missed at least one day of work in the last year due to financial stress and 86% say it is important for employers to offer financial wellness support!

Download Fidelity Investment Financial Wellness Report

Are we listening and how can we help?

Your first step is to contact your advisor and discuss how these solutions can fit into your overall employee benefits strategy. There are many high quality stand alone Financial Wellness providers and several of the top tier recordkeepers are beginning to integrate Financial Wellness tools into their core employee experience.

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