Serving Our Wealth Management Clients

Client Centered

Wealth managers are professionals who work with clients by providing holistic financial advice that goes beyond the scope of simply managing investments or basic planning.  As wealth managers, we are here to guide you on your financial journey. We are process-driven, yet adaptable, fiercely independent, and have accumulated over twenty years of institutional experience which we use to effectively help you pursue your goals. 

We work with individuals who are coming into the complexity of their financial lives and are looking for an informed guide to help them navigate the next stage of their financial journey. With our deep experience in retirement savings, we also focus on helping those in the latter stages of their career or newly retired investors who are ready to take action for the next stage of their lives. Do you have a goal, such as saving for college or planning for retirement? We can help you get there!

The first step is simple! You can create a custom portfolio analysis right here to help you visualize and simplify the process. Give it a try!



Invest fearlessly with customized portfolio analysis and personalized Risk Number. This will help you better understand your investments by analyzing your portfolio and determining how it aligns with your Risk Number.

How We Serve Private Investors

Bjork Asset Management designs, implements, and manages wealth management solutions and financial plans that help bring clarity to your financial journey. Here is a quick look at how we can help you at each stage of your journey



We believe that the strongest relationships are built on a foundation of trust and understanding. Our goal is to thoroughly understand your financial goals and dreams so that we can guide you on your financial journey. We will create a comprehensive snapshot of your outlook and develop a plan to guide you toward your goals.

<b>Optimize </b>


Getting the most out of your wealth management plan starts with the right design. Our process covers every aspect of analysis and plan creation. Our goal is to get you started on the right path and help keep you there.



We work with you to help you take an active role in your plan by providing continuing education on the outlook of the financial landscape and acting as the guide on your financial journey.

<b>Manage </b>


We act as your advisor to help you navigate your financial journey with confidence. We'll guide you in making informed decisions at every stage of your plan.

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