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How We Serve Our Institutional Clients

Bjork Asset Management assists with the design, implementation, and management of tax-qualified retirement plans that help your employees prepare effectively for retirement. Our flexible menu of defined and documented services provides the customized support you need at each step along the way.



We create a comprehensive snapshot of your plan's design, performance, and expenses to measure versus industry peers and competition. Striving to make sure your plan adheres to marketplace standards — and offers benefits that equal or exceed what your competitors provide — is crucial to help you realize its full value. 

<b>Optimize </b>


Our process covers every aspect of vendor analysis and plan creation. We get you started on the right path and help keep you there. We pay careful attention to providing the resources and information participants need to invest intelligently over time. 



We work with your plan's participants to help guide them on the road to retirement. Even the most perfectly designed plan needs ongoing guidance to succeed, and making that happen takes a lot more than one or two meetings a year. Our multifaceted approach goes far beyond the traditional, putting myriad resources at your fingertips and seeks to engage every employee, increase awareness of plan features and benefits, support high enrollment and deferrals, and help improve overall retirement readiness. 

<b>Manage </b>


We act as your investment fiduciary advisor to assist with your responsibilities and liabilities as a fiduciary to the plan. We'll guide you in making informed decisions at every stage of plan design and execution so you can effectively manage liability and manage fiduciary obligations.  

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