Small ( 2–99 )

Small businesses require a lot of time, money, and support. If you’re being pulled in several different directions and finding that dealing with your retirement plan is taking you away from running your business, Bjork Asset Management can help. Our unparalleled support gives you access to a wide array of resources and scaleable plan services letting you focus less on benefits and more on your business. Our team takes a hands-on approach with your business to understand your unique needs and become your valued partner.

Our small business offerings and support include:

  • Breaking down costs and plan features for you and your employees
  • Streamlining and outsourcing administration so you can focus on your business
  • Personalized plan design that reflects your company’s values and vision
  • Simplified employee communication and education to promote your plan
  • Scaleable plan solutions allowing small businesses to access large plan features and economies of scale

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