Manage fiduciary liability and responsibility

As a fiduciary your personal assets are at stake and you become legally accountable for plan design, administration, and investment related decisions. We'll guide you in making informed decisions at every stage of plan design and execution so you can effectively manage liability and manage fiduciary obligations, helping you to:

  • Create and maintain a formal investment policy statement that documents your plan's investment selection and review criteria
  • Regularly review plan performance, expenses and participant behavior
  • Diversify and monitor your plan's investment menu
  • Conduct annual due diligence and address relevant ERISA and legislative requirements
  • Use automated resources to streamline and simplify administrative tasks

Benchmark and Analyze Your Plan

We create a comprehensive snapshot of your plans design, performance, and expenses to measure versus industry peers and competition.

Optimize Plan Performance

Our proven process covers every aspect of vendor analysis and plan creation. We get you started on the right path and help keep you there.

Increase Participant Retirement Readiness

We work with your plan's participants to help guide them on the road to retirement.

Manage Fiduciary Responsibility

We act as your co-Fiduciary Advisor to assist with your responsibilities and liabilities as a fiduciary to the plan.