Optimize plan performance

Getting the most out of your retirement plan starts with the right design. Our proven process covers every aspect of vendor analysis and plan creation — including thoroughly assessing your needs, creating detailed RFPs, rating proposals, evaluating finalists, and support with managing conversion and implementation.

We don't stop there. Studies show that asset allocation, rather than individual security selection, is responsible for the vast majority of end wealth at retirement. That's why we pay careful attention to providing the resources and information participants need to invest intelligently over time. Using advanced analytics and modern portfolio theory combined with disciplined monitoring and common sense, we help you:

  • Educate participants on sound investment decisions across the risk versus return spectrum
  • Use automated plan features that encourage all eligible employees to accrue sufficient savings
  • Conduct annual surveys to measure achievement on key goals and drive strategies for continuous improvement

Benchmark and Analyze Your Plan

We create a comprehensive snapshot of your plans design, performance, and expenses to measure versus industry peers and competition.

Optimize Plan Performance

Our proven process covers every aspect of vendor analysis and plan creation. We get you started on the right path and help keep you there.

Increase Participant Retirement Readiness

We work with your plan's participants to help guide them on the road to retirement.

Manage Fiduciary Responsibility

We act as your co-Fiduciary Advisor to assist with your responsibilities and liabilities as a fiduciary to the plan.